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MoneyMe is a simple application for Android and Windows that allows us to take control of the income and expenses of our personal finances.

To take control of personal finances is something important. Also is important to know how much money we have in our account. To lead this kind of control over the money, it helps us to know where we're spending more money, and therefore we're able to control it in an efficient way. Sometimes we make unnecessary expenses and we don't know exactly in which we have spent the money.

We can use a simple pen and paper to take note of the expenses that we're making in our day-to-day. This is something very simple, but this is not the most comfortable and convenient way to take control of our personal finances. Thanks to computers and mobile devices, home accounting can be very comfortable and effective.

MoneyMe proposes us the use of mobile phone and PC, jointly, to take back control of our expenses. With the mobile, it should be noted quickly and easily the expenses that we're doing, and with the PC, we can see by eye-catching graphics, the evolution of our expenses and income. In this way, we can lead a detailed accounting of domestic without worrying about having to write down the expense on paper and then pass it to the Computer.

The application for Android allows the creation of different user accounts, so with the same Android device, we can take control of more than one person's expenses. This is very useful, for example, if we want to take control of how much money spend our children.

In the main screen of the program, we have a button to insert your income and expenses. The options available are the following:

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  • Amount: The money we have spent, or earned.
  • Date: The date of the transaction. By default, the current date is selected.
  • Category: displays a list of different categories for better expenses classification, for example, food, phone, car, etc. In addition to these default categories, we can add new categories to suit our needs.
  • Form of payment: If we have paid with cash, with a credit card or bank transfer. We can also add new payment methods such as Paypal or any other e-wallet.
  • Name: the name that we give to the income or expense.
  • Recurrent: this option allows us to mark an expense or income as a recurrent, which indicates that this expenditure/income is repeated each time to time. We can tell the program that the expenditure is repeated every 15 days, and the application can automatically create repeated transactions, this way we will have an estimate of the costs or revenues that we are going to reach the next few days, weeks, months or even years.
  • Notes: Here we can write any detail that is important.
  • Photo: This option allows us to take a photo of the ticket or purchase invoice, that way we will have it at hand.

We can create templates, this way we can speed up the time needed to insert an expense.

To have more control over our expenditures, the software offers us the possibility of creating budgets, which allows us to assign a limited amount of money to a category, for a period of time. For example, we can create a budget of $200/month in the car's category. This way, the software will alert us if we have spent over $200/month on issues related to the car.

Another interesting option is the possibility of creating savings goals, where we can enter the amount of money we want to save for a certain period of time, for example: save up to $1000 in 6 months. The program automatically calculates the amount of monthly savings necessary to be able to accumulate 1000 dollars. This way we always will know how much money we need to save each month to achieve the desired amount.

If we have any discount coupons, either for dinner at a restaurant or to save on the purchase of certain products, or to see a movie in the cinema, we will be able to take control of all discount coupons, thanks to MoneyMe. We just have to enter the information asked by the program and the date of expiration. If we check the option “Notice”, the program will notify us before the coupon expires. We can also make a photo of the coupon and attach it. Having in this way a complete record of the offer or discount.

In addition to all previously mentioned, with MoneyMe we can create shopping lists to record the items that we need to acquire in the next few days.

All these tasks can be performed both in the Android mobile version, such as the Windows version. Windows version offers the advantage of displaying bigger graphics, and a more usable interface.

To synchronize the Android device with PC, we must create an online account, which is generated inside the application. This way each income or expense that we note on the Mobile, will be reflected in the PC version, and vice versa.

The application is free for Windows and Android. Android version brings a small banner advertising, if we want to remove the advertising, we can purchase the version without ads in the Android Play Store.

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