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mIRC is an application that acts as an instant messenger to Internet Relay Chat services, that`s where its name comes from.

This way, a mIRC user has the possibility to chat, play or share any kind of file through IRC net, which could be in one-by-one or multiple mode, locally or globally, all depends on each user’s needs and requirements.

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With mIRC it is possible to make group conferences that can be organized with a videoconference camera, what is ideal to have a personal conversation. Regarding file transfers, it´s important to mention that its system is very safe, and the transfers are made in a transparent and cryptographic way, using SSL security system.

Messages written as you talk, or simply enforced with certain sound effects, as the receiving notifications is what mIRC offers, application that has been developed for more than a decade and that uses the highest technologies to beneficiate all its users.

by Augusto Baldi

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