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The first-person shooter game Limbus Company occurs in a futuristic society where corporations rule. To advance in the game, you must travel through perilous areas and finish difficult missions as a member of the Limbus Company, an organization of rebels fighting against amazing corporations.

The main way for players to advance through the game in Limbus Company is through Story Stages, which are used to explore the City. The City is a gloomy, enigmatic location rife with peril and hopelessness. Players will face a variety of challenges and obstacles as they move through the City, which will put their abilities and strategic thinking to the test.

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The narrative

The Sinners' Hearts have a substantial impact on the Limbus Company's history. Players can learn more about each of the twelve Sinners on the Hellbound Bus as they advance through the game because each one has a distinct past and story. Exploring The Sinners' Hearts' stories is a crucial component of the game because they are so closely related to one another.

Players will learn more about the City, its mysteries, and the Sinners on the Hellbound Bus as they move through the Story Stages. As players make their way through the City and unearth the mysteries concealed within, the story of Limbus Company is twisted, shadowy, and full of surprises.

The existing world

The Limbus Company's world is a gloomy, enigmatic place rife with peril and intrigue. The City, a sprawling metropolis that serves as the hub of all game activity, is located at the center of this world. The City is a place of contrasts, with soaring skyscrapers and sprawling neighborhoods coexisting. Only the strongest and most devious can survive in this place where danger lurks around every corner.

However, Limbus Company has offices all over the world, not just in The City. Additionally, there are The Wings and Their Nests, which are home to some of the game's most potent and perilous creatures. These animals are shielded by their nests, which are strongly fortified and watched over by armies of devoted servants. Just the bravest and most accomplished players dare to enter the Wings because they are dangerous locations.

The Backstreets, a dirty underworld populated by fixers, thieves, and other undesirable characters, is located beyond The Wings. Players must navigate a complicated web of alliances and rivalries in order to survive in this place, where anything can be bought or sold for the perfect price. Some of the most infamous players in the game are based in The Backstreets, including The Fixers, a shady group that is in charge of much of The City's legal activity.

However, Limbus Company's world is more than just a collection of places. Additionally, it is a world populated by strong beings known as abnormalities. Players must use all of their skill and cunning to defeat these beings because they have amazing power. Players must comb every nook and cranny of The City and The Wings to find abnormalities, which are dispersed throughout the game world.

Lobotomy Corporation, a mystical organization that acts as the primary foe of the game, is located at the center of Limbus Company's world. Players must battle their way through the strongly fortified headquarters of Lobotomy Corporation, which is in charge of developing and managing abnormalities, in order to learn the secrets of the game's sinister and convoluted plot.

Players will come across The Golden Boughs, potent artifacts that give their wielders excellent abilities, as they explore the world of Limbus Company. Players must locate these artifacts in order to acquire the strength they require to vanquish the game's most formidable foes because they are dispersed throughout the entire game world.

Effective tools like E. G. O. are already available to players, and they can be upgraded and modified to fit their playstyle. Players must diligently manage their resources to make sure they have the equipment they need to face the challenges ahead because E. G. O equipment is necessary for survival in the game.

Last but not least, players must diligently manage their Identities, which stand in for the abilities and skills of their characters. To ensure they have the skills and abilities they need to succeed, players must decide which skills to prioritize and carefully monitor the growth of their characters.

Game System

The game system at Limbus Company is distinctive and intricate, fusing turn-based RPG and real-time brawl elements with single-handed, tactical skirmishing gameplay. On a bus bound for hell with 12 sinners, each with their own sins and backstories, players assume the role of the manager.

The game's sin-resonating RPG mechanics are based on a system known as [E. G. O], which bestows players with strong boons and abilities in response to the abnormalities they encounter and capture in the game. These anomalies serve as the game's equivalent of monsters, each with unique skills and flaws. To realize the full potential of the [E. G. O] system, it is essential to capture and manage these abnormalities.

Combat in Limbus Company combines real-time and turn-based components. Players can give commands to their sinners and abnormalities in a turn-based fashion, but they must also pay attention to the real-time brawl elements of combat, for as dodging enemy attacks and using special abilities to change the course of the conflict.

Despite having just one usable character, Limbus Company offers a wide range of room for development and customization. Players can level up their sinners and abnormalities as they move through the game, unlocking different skills and fortifying their team.

The ability to visit and manage the wings and nests of your abnormalities, as clearly as navigating the game's backstreets to uncover secrets and advance the story, are just a few of the distinctive systems that Limbus Company offers in addition to the basic gameplay mechanics.

Operating Systems

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