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HedgeWars is a funny strategy game by shifts in which we are the “commanders” of a hedgehog army that has as mission to attack other troupes and eliminate them permanently.

In HedgeWars it’s necessary to use all the tools that we have to accomplish our goal: Winning the battles against our enemies. But, which are those tools? Series of weapons generally used in combat games and other not so conventional: Grenades, cluster bombs, bazookas, laser ray UFOs, helicopters, war tanks, fire fists, baseball bats, dynamite, mines, ropes or ties, parachutes and even birthday cakes. All this weapons will give us great emotions and we’ll spend, for sure, several hours behind the computer’s screen trying to beat our direct enemies.

HedgeWars screenshot
HedgeWars screenshot 2
HedgeWars screenshot 3
HedgeWars screenshot 4
HedgeWars screenshot 5

Some of the most relevant features of this great game are:

  • HedgeWars can be played in campaign or multi-player mode connected in LAN or local net.
  • Its interface is quite graphic, reason why it’s going to be easy to access the different options of the game.
  • We will be able to create customized maps and show them to our friends and to create a battle never seen before. In the editor we will also be able to choose between which weapons can or can not be used.
  • The animations are quite good.
  • HedgeWars is a totally free and open code game, available in several languages including English.

I’m pretty sure that we will spend incredible moments from the minute we download this game. What are you waiting for?

by Augusto Baldi

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