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Gourmet Recipe Manager is an excellent program for all professional and amateur cooking, culinary art and cuisine lovers.

Simply amazing, this program offers a wide variety of choices for all your favorite and secret recipes that are part of your computer in a list. Gourmet Recipe Manager works in a fairly simple and very understandable way for the user. The only things to do are installing and start enjoying all the benefits that are offered there.

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When running the program it displays a pretty simple screen in which it will locate each of the recipes added to the list, with the qualification that you have given and its name.

The list on the first window of Gourmet Recipe Manager, will be filled up as you make recipes. To make this task you only have to put a new file that appears in the toolbar.

When you make a new file to write the name of the recipe, the recipe rating, runtime, type of food (dessert, main dish, breakfast, etc), the country of the recipe, ingredients, instructions, notes and even pictures to give you an idea of how to get your recipe.

Finally, Gourmet Recipe Manager is an excellent choice for all those are being initiated in the art of cooking, as for all professional chefs who need to keep their secret or common recipes safe.

by Augusto Baldi

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