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Google Drive is a free file hosting service on the Google cloud.

The big advantage of Google Drive is that allows the files to be always at hand, no matter where you are and the device you use to access them.

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Google Drive is available to run on Windows, Macintosh, OS Chrome, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Offers 5 gigabytes of free storage to store any type of document.

Google Drive also lets you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with their own services. These files can be edited and saved from Internet without downloading them on your computer.

And with Google Drive different users can work on the same file from different locations, provided they have the appropriate permissions to do so. Thus, we can work together and see the changes made to the file in real time.

Google Drive is integrated with other Google products such as Gmail and Google Plus, and lets you create, open and share files and folders from different applications with the people you want. Even, you can decide if they are authorized to view, modify or comment on the content.

Google Drive makes finding files and folders on your interface with its internal search. Whether by keyword, file type, or other criteria available quickly find the file you want. Also, Google Drive recognized text and objects in images and scanned documents.

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