How to play the hidden text adventure of Google Chrome


A conversational adventure is hidden in the bowels of Google Chrome

It is well known that the developers of Google Chrome like to introduce Easter Eggs (small surprises) in the favorite browser of many users. In this case, a few days ago a new hidden game has been discovered that dwells in the bowels of Google Chrome's source code.

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"Text Adventure" is all it takes to unlock this Chrome game

It was a Reddit user who provided the necessary information to access this conversational adventure. With the following simple message, the user attemp_number_1 showed how to play this game:

Search for text adventure and open the developer console. It will ask you if you want to play a game (Search for text adventure and open up the dev console. It's asks if you want to play a game)

How to play the hidden game in Google Chrome

Let's explain how to play the conversational adventure included in Chrome.

The first thing is to open Google Chrome and go to the web address . It is very important to go to that web address because if we go to another one, like, this trick will not work.

Once there, we will proceed to type the following search in the search box: text adventure

Now, let's proceed to display the Developer Tools. We have several options for this:

  • Click on the Chrome options menu (the 3 dots at the top right of the browser), and go to More Tools -> Developer Tools
  • Press the key F12
  • Press the key combination Shift + Control + I 

Once we open the Developer Tools panel (also known as Dev Tools) we'll see that we have several tabs that we can select. We'll click on the "Console".

Once placed in the tab of "Console", we will see that the word "Warning!" appears in orange and yellow, and then a question is asked (yes/no) "Would you like to play a game? (yes/no)

We will type yes (yes) and the game will start.

Here we will show the basic instructions of the game for those adventurers who want to start with this fascinating conversational adventure included in Google Chrome.

Basic instructions of the text adventure

You must type single word commands, without describing the subject.  For example, instead of typing "grasp banana peel" you should just type "grasp". Instead of typing "use banana peel" you should only type "use".

Commands:  north, south, east, west, up, down, grab, why, inventory, use, help, exits, map, and friends

We hope you enjoy this latest Easter Egg discovered recently on Google Chrome.

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