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Remove suggestions from Google Chrome

Many of us are in love with our favorite browser Google Chrome, and we use it daily and for a multitude of tasks beyond visiting websites: reading mail, watching videos, video conferencing, and more.

There is no doubt that this browser has a lot of good, but there are some details that we might not like so much. One of them is the fact that it remembers and suggests the text written previously in the login fields of the forms, that is, when we are going to write our email or username in a login form, Google Chrome is going to suggest all the values that were introduced previously in that field, which, we don't always want to be like that.

As we see in the image, when we start typing in the email field, Chrome automatically suggests all the values that were previously entered in that field. What we're going to see in this tutorial is how to delete suggestions from Google Chrome selectively; that is, instead of removing each and every suggestion made by Chrome, we're going to delete only those that we don't want to be suggested anymore.

For those of you who prefer to see a video of how it works, here it is… oh and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel:

The solution to clear the suggestion history

Well, to remove a suggestion definitively, we must start typing as usual, and when the suggestions are shown, we will use the up arrow keys and down arrow key to position ourselves in the entry we are going to delete:

Once we have placed ourselves in the entry we are going to remove, we press the key combination of Shift + Delete (Shift + Delete), and we will see how the entry disappears from the suggestion list. When we type in the field again, we'll see that the deleted entry may not appear, but that a different suggestion appears, that's because Chrome shows up to 6 suggestions in the list, even though there are more. However, when you delete one of the suggestions, the next one that exists in the suggestion box will be shown.

The same applies to the URL suggestions that Google Chrome makes when we start typing in the browser bar.

As we can see, it is something very simple, and that will make it easier for us to remove suggestions that no longer make sense for Google to make. For example, if we access our work email on our PC, and we change jobs, it no longer makes sense for Google to suggest that email address since we're not going to use it again. This way, we will delete only that work email address, and we will keep the rest of the suggested emails that we can use.

I hope this quick and straightforward tutorial has been useful for you and you can quickly delete the suggestions made by Chrome in the form fields, and the navigation bar.

If you have any doubts or comments, you can use the comments below.

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