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GNUitar is a effects software which enables you to use your computer as a guitar processor.

You download a zip file containing the program and run it directly from the application GNUitar; no software installation procedure is needed.

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GNUitar is an open code program that can be freely downloaded. It provides a very good sound quality and can be used to distort either the guitar or the voice since it works really good with the microphone plugged in the system.

GNUitar has the following effects available: autowah (wah-wah), two types of distortion, substantial, reverb, echo, delay, chorus, flanger, equalizer, noise reduction, phase, tremolo and vibrato. Besides, these are real-time effects.

GNUitar has three areas in the graphical user interface. At the right side there is a list of all the effects available. The central part contains the effects that have been chosen to apply. And the left side contains the effects designs available, or presets, and the button to add effects. The Switch button is used to replace some designs with others.

GNUitar is executed in the PC with the highest level of priority and this may cause some delays in the operating system, especially if the computer does not have a powerful processor. So, it is recommended to save all important information that is being executed as well as other applications before running GNUitar.

by Augusto Baldi

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