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AmpliTube is a powerful sound and effect amplification software for guitar and bass.

To download AmpliTube you need to register in the program’s web site. Once you have entered your e-mail address and activated your account, you will receive in your inbox a message with the serial number to activate the program in the computer. You can also copy it from the program’s download website.

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AmpliTube is so powerful that it has a number of simulations of pre-amplifier, amplifiers, equalizers and power; different microphone models incorporated, and effect racks and stomp effects. is a powerful sound and effect amplification software for guitar and bass.

AmpliTube allows adding more element packages as you move forward using the software and you acquire more skills in its usage. They can be added from the Custom Shop that is installed with AmpliTube, a virtual store which is very attractive and complete where you will be able to buy foot pedals, boxes, microphones, effects, etc.

In addition, AmpliTube has a module collection with more than thirty packages of the most known guitar brands and models, such as Fender, Orange, Soldano, Duncan and T-Rex. Most of the options are editable and can be configured to your liking in order to take more advantage of the program. Thus, you will have a great control over the tracks and levels.

It is a program especially recommended for sound professionals and advanced users of this kind of software. AmpliTube offers few test days for studying and evaluating the usefulness this program can offer you. However, if you are a sound professional, it is probably convenient for you to evaluate it.

AmpliTube is becoming a standard in the current music industry.

by Augusto Baldi

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