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GMail Drive is a tool that allows us to use a Gmail account as a Windows storage device.

Gmail is without doubt one of the most popular worldwide e-mail services. This is due to the large storage capacity, ease of use and accessibility of the service. In addition, at present, a Gmail account is required to be able to create a Google Account, that gives access to a multitude of Google services.

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GMail Drive offers the possibility of using Gmail storage space to store our files. The use of this program is very simple, so we just need to unzip the downloaded file to a folder, and run “Setup.exe” file. The program will be installed in the operating system, and to make use of it, we should go to “My Computer” or “This computer” (depends on the version of Windows that we have). We will see that there is a new drive called “GMail Drive”.

The first time we access “GMail Drive” drive, it shows a login screen where we must enter the email address and password of our Gmail email account. We can check the option “Auto-login” so the program doesn't ask any more our e-mail and password. We can also make use of “HTTP Secure” option, which allow encrypted communication between our PC and the Google servers, and therefore avoid the risk that someone will steal our email's password.

Once we are logged, we will see that “GMail Driveis just like any other drive in the system, so we will be able to copy, paste, delete, move, create folders, etc. The only difference is that all the stored files will be located in the gmail email account. Because of this, the file copy and move speed will depend on our Internet connection. Because it's a system's drive, we will be able to send files to this drive from anywhere in Windows explorer, making use of “send to” option, which appears in context menu by clicking with the right mouse button on any file or folder.

Drive's capacity is determined entirely by the limit of the Gmail account. At present Gmail account allows 15 Gigabytes of storage, so we will have that space to store our files. Keep in mind that those 15 GB are shared with two other services of Google: Google Drive and Google+ Photos. So if, for example, we use 5 GB in to our Google+ Photos, we will have 10 GB free to share between Google Drive and Gmail.

Another limit of this tool, that is caused by a Gmail limitation, is the file size of the files copied to the drive. This limit is 25 Megabytes. Previously there was a further restriction on the type of files that it was possible to copy, .exe and .zip file were not allowed to be uploaded. This restriction doesn't already exist, and we can upload any type of file.

This program is not developed by Google and therefore does not have the official support of Google. Because of this, it is possible that in some sitation the program will not be able to connect to our Gmail account. In these cases it is good to check if it exists a new software's version that fix the problem. The current version is the 1.0.20 and doesn't have any connection problem.

If we have installed an earlier version and want to upgrade to a more updated, we need to overwrite the old files with the new files that come within the .zip file, run “Setup.exe” file and restart the PC.

We must not confuse GMail Drive, with Google Drive. Google Drive is the official Google service to store files in the cloud.

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