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GL-117 is a flight simulator in 3D with 20 missions and where the different pilots should be destroyed amongst themselves to win a battle accomplished in a random map.

Thanks to the sound effects, the music and the possibility of using joystick, the realism offered by GL-117 will reach our higher demands concerning a game of combat airplanes simulation. If we have a good one it conspires, it will be possible to configure the video in five different quality levels, providing the option of playing in high definition.

GL-117 screenshot

GL-117 improved new characteristics in comparison with other versions: it will be possible to accomplish recognition missions, to attack protected bases for lance missiles SAM, to pilot through great valleys, mountains, deserts and to accomplish on-line battles against other users connected to a same server.

If you are a lover of the simulation games and he/she likes to join to that the possibility to play in a free way against hundreds of thousands of pilots in a same battlefield, with certainty he/she won't think twice about the hour of unloading this spectacular game. GL-117 will become one of the games of our arsenal, which will give us the sensation of being true combat pilots, providing certainly hours of entertainment.

by Augusto Baldi

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