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If you enjoy of the mathematics in action, GeoGebra will be of your interest. This no cost and multi platform application allows you to interact dynamically with the geometry, the algebra and the numeric calculation.

As educational program, GeoGebra has received several international distinctions, and it can be used in the school (secondary) to reinforce the process of the students' learning.

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With GeoGebra you will be able to carry out geometric constructions with different complexity, on the base of points, vectors, segments, straight line and conical sections, including dynamic configurable functions.

For the depth mathematical analysis, GeoGebra allows to introduce equations and coordinates, working directly with variables linked to numbers, vectors and points. Its calculation power shows immediately derived and integral of functions, among other possibilities.

GeoGebra shows two different windows, one where the algebraic expressions are entered and another one where you will see the corresponding geometric representation. This allows working simultaneously with two different perspectives, turning the mathematics’ study into a more didactic and more interesting experience.

by Augusto Baldi

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