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Frozen Bubble is a video game qualified in the arcade category, which has as purpose to offer the player hours of amusement and entertainment in a quite simple way.

The only thing that you will need when playing Frozen Bubble is aim and some luck because your objective is to knock down all the little colored balls in form of bubbles that are in the upper part of the scenario, which will be demolished through of a canyon that is under your and your character's control, well known as pet Tux.

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Besides of having good aim you will have to have some luck so that you can join more than three balls of the same color so that they disappear until not leaving none; otherwise the screen will fill with these bubbling balls until touching the lower part of the screen, moment in that you will lose Frozen Bubble game.

The progress in Frozen Bubble consists on a score increase level, caused when knocking down all the balls. The entertainment in this game is assured and overalls, with a high addiction level to the players.

In summary, Frozen Bubble is an excellent amusement alternative in boring moments, so that you have a pleasant and amusing time.

by Augusto Baldi

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