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Find and Run Robot is a little utility that integrates in our portative system task bar so we can have a better access to the application that we have installed in our computer.

This way, Find and Run Robot is the possible solution to those users that don´t want to lose time searching for their application in a traditional way, since the beginning of the program and more, because when you start Find and Run Robot it will appear a window where is a space dedicated to our searching.

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But the searches that we do are internal, in other words, we only have to put the first letters of the application and that`s it, since there Find and Run Robot will be in charge of showing a list with the names of every application that initiate its name with the letter you have inserted, so it´s enough clicking two times so that this application can start.

It´s a very good system, that has many internal options that can be customized to give you a quicker search or with a bigger number of options, depending on our interest in the computer. Find and Run Robot can be started in two different ways, one of them is double clicking in the utility icon that is shown in the task bar or it also can be done by a keyboard shortcut with the combination is CTRL SPACE.

by Augusto Baldi

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