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EASEUS Partition Manager is a specialized program to perform, for free, partitions in our hard disks.

With EASEUS Partition Manager we can delete, format, create and repair the NTFS and FAT32 partition of our hard drives with the advantage of having easy to use, very intuitive, with many functions interface that we can access with only one click.

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One of the EASEUS Partition Manager advantages that we can highlight is that when you start a partition, repair or any process, without losing any files on your hard drive. The process is completely reversible through a system restore process, which will give us a good opportunity to test if it is really necessary to run certain tools of the program.

For which cases is recommended using EASEUS Partition Manager?

  • To enhance partitions in our computer’s hard disk. This ensures that each user (in cases in which there are more than one user) from the same computer, it is able to maintain your files, documents and applications completely confidential.
  • Open "field" to a new operative system.
  • To prevent losses of files in a not planned format.

Something special that you will find is that even if you do test on program functions, everything can be reversed, restored, repaired and adapted to your needs or requirements of the user.

EASEUS Partition Manager is totally free software, simple to use and offers online support through an user’s manual.

by Augusto Baldi

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