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When we are talking about Dr.Web, we are talking about Russian tradition in the flesh. A software suite developed by Russian anti-malware company Doctor Web, originally released in 1992, it was one of the first anti-virus services of the world. From the start, Dr.Web was at the height of popularity as there was no computer in Russia that did not have Dr.Web installed on it. It is also important to flag that its résumée goes even beyond that, because for more than 26 years, this Russian high-tech product has been operating on the extremely competitive global anti-virus market.

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What we have here is a real-time malware detection, solid behavioural monitoring and a bundled firewall. Working with this software suite is working with a compact set of files, neatly organised, and all digitally signed. The experience with Dr. Web indicates two things from the start: a company that’s developing its own technologies in-house ensuring synergy between its components, but, at the same time, a product that is not that oriented to an average user, but an expert one.

Anyhow, if you are no that proficient on the security world or just don't want to get involved in the hassle of the low-level details, you will still be able to use the basics of the program without much difficulty.

The Evidence

As stated so far, with Dr. Web you are obtaining an all-around anti-malware application that can fight off viruses, rookits, trojans, spyware, adware and other malicious agents, Dr.Web Anti-virus is approachable and powerful. Does it not sound like a pretty sweet deal?

Plus, the standard configuration, made for novices, is always enough to keep your PC safe, while the program reserves some extra customization preferences for experienced users, and some really cool tested protection about potential direct attacks to the program. Id est, whatever malawares or people try to do, your processes will keep on running, services will not stop and files will remain untouched. Rest assured, Dr.Web will not get disabled that easily.

About its features, the interface that it offers is one of the most basic out there: it’s little more than a menu displayed from a system tray icon. However, you can disregard counting on the local Help file, the overall critics agree on the fact that it proved to be disappointing and misleading.

On the bright side, as briefly stated before, the program does offer some kind of compensation for the poor quality of its local Help file, in the form of some interesting items for experts. Getting deeper into the settings of the software allows certain low-level ways to define what Dr.Web permits or blocks on your system. We are talking here about preventing HOSTS file edits, low-level disk access, Safe Mode changes, stopping programs to set themselves up to run with Windows, or even resetting executable file associations. It is all within Dr. Web capabilities, and way more.

Additionally, Dr.Web offers to connect to cloud services to get the latest information about new malware as soon as possible, in order to update your definitions. Sounds pretty standard, but, that is the vital difference between antiviruses services that are efficient, and those that end up getting obsolete.

Even with not that of a famous name, one can always conclude that Dr. Web generally leaves users impressed, according to what has been documented along the years. Finally, regarding the tests performed over the software, it can be said that it is light on the system resources, speedy, highly effective, comfortable to work with, filled with advanced settings, and not expensive when considering all these aspects.

The Veredict

With a lot of useful and efficient features, it consolidates a Holy Grail for those experts in protection, and it can also be a strong ally for those in need of help that do not count with a vast knowledge about defensive tools.

In the end, it proves indeed to be a good combination of powerful low-level technologies to keep your stuff safe from the evil malawares and even though Dr. Web is not very popular amongst antivirus product users, you have to admit it: If the Russians are using it, it should be tough and efficient.  

by Augusto Baldi

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