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The playful goose

People like to have pets. Cats and dogs are the kings, but there are more exotic and rare ones, from Vietnamese pigs to iguanas, to the Sugar Cane Petaurus, a very loving rodent.

Well, thanks to this fun program (Desktop Goose), you can have a virtual goose as your best friend. So now you can play with your goose whenever you want without anyone thinking wrongly of it. But be prepared, because this goose is quite a troll and will not stop bothering you while you are using the PC.

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The misdeeds of the rogue goose

Among other nice things, the goose will do the following:

  • Stain all over the screen without any mercy. It doesn't matter if you're writing an e-mail, talking on Discord, or filling out an Excel sheet. This duck has no respect for anything and will leave an excellent stinking trail wherever it steps.
  • Chase the mouse cursor until it manages to bite it. Once bitten, consider yourself annoyed, since the duck will steal it and take it out of the screen without you being able to do anything, and therefore leaving your flamboyant mouse totally disabled and useless.
  • He brings you memes to distract you for a while. Be careful not to close the memes, though, because he'll be angry with you, and you won't like having an angry goose on your desktop.
  • Show a few threatening notes, so you don't relax and think you're going to be good friends.
  • And because he's such a good goose, he couldn't miss the usual random squawking at the most inopportune times.

Personalize your goose

In the latest version of Desktop Goose, you can add your own memes to be randomly displayed by the goose. To do this, simply copy the images from the memes to your assets folder. You can also add animated files in GIF format. This can make the moment when the goose decides to bring you a meme on the screen much more fun. 

If you see that your feathered friend is too intense and too heavy, you can set its aggressiveness level by editing the config.goos file, so that you can make our feathered friend appear less on-screen... Of course, you can also do the opposite and make the person at the controls of the computer go a little crazy. You choose the level of trolling you want to apply to the goose

As of today, the game is updated very frequently, so we can expect many improvements and new features over the next few days, weeks, and months. This will surely please the great mass of fans that have formed behind this game.

Is it worth downloading Desktop Goose?

Absolutely. Although it is not an application that has a specific utility, or a video game that brings hours of entertainment, this small program can make you have a good laugh while you do your work or daily task. But be prepared to be quite patient, especially when the goose decides to steal the mouse cursor and let you control the PC with the keyboard only.

It can also be a lot of fun to install this "game" on other people's PCs, for example on a friend's PC, or PCs at a school, college or university, and see how people react when the Gangster Goose appears to stain on the screen and steal their cursor. Without a doubt, one more tool to add to the arsenal of those with a pure troll soul.

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