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Not that hard to be a pro now!

If you are a genius in disguise, an artist or just the regular music lover, DarkWave Studio is the ideal thing for you, as it will enable you to reach out to your deep hidden potential in order to boost the abilities that you did not even know you had there.

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DarkWave Studio is a fully-fledged-real-time digital audio deck and virtual studio to work with multiple audio streams within the Windows environment, allowing you to add effects in your way to produce a final cut, aided by a wide range of useful features neatly packed away in a tabbed interface.

That little artist within yourself is just screaming and dying for you to try this thing, as it's insight is telling you that you will be able to attain so many great things with this efficient and high-performance digital audio workstation.

Turn up the volume!

We are talking about some efficient modular design here, similar to that of the interactive Buzz's studio, which in order help you to rapidly create electronic music, includes a LOT of plugins/filters, such as anti-alias, arpeggiator, crunch, distort, MIDI input and output, mixer, quad delay, stomp, stereo joiner, splitter, pattern editor, sequence editor and multitrack hard disk recorder.

But, are we speaking in tongues here? It certainly seems so. I mean, we have read a lot about modular stuff, but, what does it actually mean? When people refer to that concept, they are suggesting that it is an item composed of standardized sections that sums up to some flexible arrangement. In other words, a design susceptible to be customized and upgraded, that will also allow several machines to be connected in an ad-hoc fashion.

Good beats

DarkWave Studio's interface is kind of like a nice tune that just flows ahead in an intuitive and fairly straightforward style, making it way simpler for you to access the tool's main features, and: Who doesn't like good tunes?

Moving forward with the musical references, the whole thing functions in a pretty melodic way, as you can use the sequencer plus VST effects and VSTi instruments from third parties, so you can create your own supreme beat and music.

Behind the curtains

The enjoyable sounds that you will be hearing on the stage here are not everything that this efficient digital audio deck and virtual studio has to offer, as there is a lot more than meet the eyes back there. For starters, in addition to full support for VST and ASIO, it comes with eight different modules including a MIDI input, an audio mixer and a percussion synthesizer.

In the other hand, with the Pattern Editor you will be creating patterns which control the instruments in the studio, while the sequencer tab includes all of the patterns of which you've created already! The way of doing all of that is pretty straightforward, so, in the end you will be able to quick create and change patterns by clicking and dragging to add or delete or move or resize them respectively.

About the wide variety of filters, there is just no end to the things that you will be doing there. From arranging the elements in any order in the studio, renaming, deleting or randomizing any of them, to adjusting settings such as bass drum tune, level attack and decay, cymbals CR and RD levels and decay.

How does it echoes with your system?

To be quite honest, it goes just as an orchestra. This high-performance digital audio workstation is surprisingly light on the system resourcing, taking into account everything that DarkWave Studio is offering, and it will run on low CPU and RAM's usage. It also has a good response time and works very well, without causing the OS to hang, crash or show error messages. So, not one bad note in there.

The last movement: Rollicking Finale

Even though it will be not THAT easy at first if you are a newbie, in the end we can conclude that DarkWave Studio is a nice piece of art: a complete symphony with not any waste.

You should know by now that life without music would be just a plain error, but creating music without this big of a help, well that would be just nonsense. So, I don’t know why you are still reading this review instead of downloading it right now! 

by Augusto Baldi

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