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The Pact of the Gods, with Oedipus

According to the legend, only a few beings in this world will be able to solve these riddles; among them stands out one well known as "the myth of Oedipus," which dates its origin in Greek mythology. According to this myth, on our planet, we lived with beings considered Gods, who clung to small villages and forced them to work for them as slaves. In addition, each place was assigned as guardians, mythical creatures known as sphinxes, so people could not escape.

One day, the Gods offered the Greek people the possibility of being free as long as they defeated the sphinx. So, one by one, the locals faced the sphinx and died in the attempt. Days turned into months, months into years, and anyone who confronted the creature was devoured by it.

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The people, resigned to living as slaves for the rest of their lives, were pleasantly surprised by a young man who said that the day of being free had arrived and offered to free the people. To do this, he organized an event where all the gods and the people subdued by the deities would meet. Thus, thanks to his ingenuity, he told them that the day of slavery would end once and for all at that very moment. The gods, seeing Oedipus' firmness, offered him to create a pact in which, if he won, they would respect all living beings and would never again enslave them.

And without further ado, the day of the event arrived. Gods and villagers were attentive at that moment and watched as Oedipus approached the great Sphinx. As he arrived, the Sphinx asked him:

"What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, at noon on two, and at night on three?"

To which Oedipus replied:

"It is the man he said. For he crawls in his infancy, walks during his life, and when he grows old, he relies on a staff to walk."

Suddenly, everyone observed that the Sphinx began to grow old, and then he died. The people were liberated, and all hailed Oedipus as their ultimate ruler.

Oedipus shared his wisdom and teachings with the rest of the world. This is how Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles came about, a tribute to that great man who one day used his wit and imagination to solve puzzles. Therefore, it is here, in this game, where you will have to put your deductive, analytical and ingenious abilities to the maximum to solve a situation and commemorate Oedipus.

One of the highlights of this game is that it will help you exercise your brain and have an incredible time with your friends trying to solve the riddles. But be careful because the game will do its best to trick your mind. Another important aspect is that we can play it even without the need to have the Internet.

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