How to download The Walking Dead No Mans Land on PC


The Walking Dead No Mans Land on PC

The Walking Dead No Mans Land is a video game for Android mobiles along with tablets. In this video tutorial, we will let you know how to install the online game in order to play it on Windows PCs even in a simple way, and consequently, you can enjoy this game even on a large display and you also can control the exciting game with less effort while using the Computer keyboard and mouse. 

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a turn-based strategy RPG where you’ll find yourself surviving a zombie apocalypse. Based on the popular TV serial by AMC, the walking dead, this game features zombie killing and survival aspects. The game, however, has a different storyline but with some of the same characters from the original series.

You’ll have to make the best use of any weapon at your disposal like handguns, automatics, shotguns, knives, pipes, and even crossbows to fight off the waves of flesh-eating zombies. Zombies are not the only problem as you’ll also have to face other humans on missions to keep your group safe.

The game is not an average shooter action. At the start of every mission, you or your group members are stranded in a room with zombies covering the exit. To get through, you’ll have to make use of the character’s ability very wisely. Also, you’ll need to escape from the horror room in a given time with zombies getting closer to your every second.

Apart from all the nerve-cracking action, you’ll also have to look after your base as a leader. Your job will be to arrange food, supplies, train units, and make other decisions. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land is a true test of your nerves and surviving skills.


  • Defend yourself against waves of zombies

  • Learn to use a variety of weapons

  • Look after your home base

  • Arrange food and supplies for your group

  • Experience both PvE and PvP battles

Right here you will find the video version of this specific tutorial for people who opt for it:

How to enjoy The Walking Dead No Mans Land on PC

Listed here are the instructions:

  1. To start with, you should open BlueStacks' official website because it works as an Android emulator. On this web site, you can find a description of this exciting game and the benefits you have to play it on PC.

  2. When you will be here on the Bluestacks website, you'll find the "Download The Walking Dead No Mans Land on PC" icon. BlueStacksInstaller.exe is the file that has been downloaded.

  3. If you will open BlueStacksInstaller.exe, you will be requested for authorization. We reply yes and the installer opens.

  4. Now the installer will ask to modify the location for installing the Bluestacks emulator. We select "Customize installation" and then we will change the location where we should install the BlueStacks emulator. By default, it'll be installed in "C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks".

  5. Wait and see, the emulator is now being downloaded and installed.

  6. You won't have to do anything because the emulator will start automatically after the completion of the install procedure. You should be patient for the first time because the emulator may take some time to start. Well, this period will vary from PC to PC.

  7. Immediately, Google Play starts, and then we need to log in. We'll accomplish it by giving our sign in details in the specified fields. This step is compulsory in order to move forward.

  8. In order to move forward, you should accept "Google Terms of Service" After accepting these conditions, there'll be an option to make the device backup on Google Drive. "Agree" if you wish to do it.

  9. Google Play can also appear now. Nothing to do with it, only press "Go to the desktop".

  10. You will see "The Walking Dead No Mans Land" on the emulator's desktop, click on it so that you can carry on installing. Google Play shows up again and we pick the "Install" option. For those who have a rapid internet connection this installing is going to be completed quickly.

  11. Now, it's the time to have fun with the exciting game, and to accomplish that, click the "Open" option. You are ready to have fun with this exciting game on your computer.

  12. So as to play in full screen, we should click the F11 key from the computer keyboard. In order to proceed to the regular display screen, hit F11 once more.

  13. You will find one more exciting function available for you! Go to the bottom right corner on this particular cogwheel to modify the language of the game. To do this, you'll have to visit the "Language Configuration" list. And there you have it!

This is all that you should do to experience The Walking Dead No Mans Land on the big screen by using BlueStacks emulator.

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