Windows 9 The Return of the Desktop


In the last few days there are news and rumors about the new Windows Operating System, Windows 9

Although only 2 years has been passed since the release of Windows 8 (26 October 2012), and only one year after the launch of Windows 8.1 (October 18, 2013) update, the launch of Windows 9 in April 2015 is now under preparation.

Is expected that for the 30 september 2014 Microsoft convene a large press event, and show the new Windows 9 operating system, also known as Threshold.

Everything points that the new Windows version will be focused on desktop users, and it returns back the Start Menu a featured that created so much controversy in Windows 8/8 .1. Although thanks to the free program Classic Shell, we can return the Windows 8/8 .1 Start Menu easily, the decision to hide the Start Menu is something that was not liked by many users, so it seems that Microsoft have heeded the users' opinion and in the new Windows version there is no need of any extra configuration or additional software to make use of the classic Start Menu that has accompanied Windows users over the decades.

In the following video we can how the new interface of Windows 9 looks:.

As can be seen it is still keeping Metro Windows 8 aspect, with flat icons and colors, but it includes by default the Start Menu.
In addition there is an adjacent panel to Start menu where we can add shortcuts and widgets.

Also, there are comments about the possible inclusion of Cortana, the voice recognition system that Microsoft introduced in Windows Phone 8.1. That comments said that Cortana will be an external application and could be turned on and off. This would be a great step to incorporate an advanced voice recognition system in Windows desktop, and in this way to compete with the future Mac OS X version of Siri.

Windows 9 price is something about there is no official information, but there are comments about the possibility of free upgrade to Windows 9 for Windows 8/8 .1 and Windows 7 users.
if that is true, it would be a great news for all users of these Windows versions, because Windows 8/8 .1 has had a very short life cycle, and it would be an unnecessary expense for users of this operating system. And for the users of Windows 7 would be a great incentive to upgrade to the new Windows system, as many users have not migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 8/8 .1 because this last one has had an approach very aimed to Tablets users.
In this way Microsoft keep happy a large number of users, and this would lead to a progressive upgrade of “old” Windows Operating Systems.

For sure many user are waiting the release of this new Microsoft Operating System, to check the progress and the improvements in this new version.

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