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BatteryCare is a tool created to portable computers which monitors and offers all information about your computer’s battery.

Thanks to this tool you will know when it is time to reconnect your equipment to the energy source or, in the same way, when it is not necessary.

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The features offered by BatteryCare are enough to make this tool an excellent option if you have a portable and use to use it a lot outside your home. BatteryCare´s interface is nice and you don’t need to be a genius to understand what is shown.

You can choose to one of the two different types of information; there is the general information, which will indicate you the current capacity of the battery in percentage, the missing time of the battery (hours and minutes) and the state in which the battery is, when it is being charged, discharged or fully charged. Under this information, is the information of discharge cycles, which can be divided from 25 (twenty five) to 50 (fifty) cycles.

BatteryCare gives you lots of options so that you ( the user) can change it as you like, as the language, discharging plans of the battery and the energy source, and notifications when the battery is low or too low, giving you the possibility of choosing in which percentage the state will be shown and the advanced options.

In few words, BatteryCare is a fully complete computer battery reader and informer.

by Augusto Baldi

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