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Armagetron Advanced is a 3D game where he operated a high speed motorcycle that never slows down and we must be careful not to hit the solid path left by the trail of the other pilots.

The game takes place in an empty scenario where a group of connected via Internet users drives their futuristic motorcycles through all terrain avoiding colliding with the walls left by the other drivers on each route.

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Armagetron Advanced has good graphics and sounds that will make us live an experience that will enhance our adrenaline. The end of the game is simple: We must plan a strategy so that our runway "enemies" crash against the walls that we leave in our way in the square field and avoid crashing into the solid trail they leave.

There are three game modes:

Playing against the computer: Here we can play a "one to one “game against a motorcycle driven by the game, becoming a good way to train in its three modes of difficulty (Easy, Medium, and Armagetron Advanced).

Two players on one computer: It's time to invite a friend to enjoy this great title and prove who has better reflexes.

Network play: After creating a user in Armagetron Advanced, we can connect to one of several game servers to test our luck with our skills. We can also access the virtual leagues and tournaments.

by Augusto Baldi

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