Download Ares for Windows 10


How to download Ares for Windows 10?

You may be wondering how to download Ares for Windows 10. Well, the answer is straightforward, you can do it from the official website, or our Usitility website, by clicking on the following link: download Ares for Windows 10. You can download Ares, free of viruses and malware, in these two links. The installation will be as simple as following the steps indicated by the installation wizard.

However, we will have to uncheck the installation boxes of the additional software of Search Offer since this software will put Yahoo or Bing as our home page in the browser. It will also become our default search engine, something that, indeed, we do not want to do. So we must uncheck the "I have read the Privacy Policy…" checkboxes of Yahoo and Bing. As you can see in the following screenshots, you can uncheck the two checkboxes, and Ares will be installed without any problem.

Ares, the legendary P2P program

Ares is a P2P (Peer to Peer) file-sharing program based on the BitTorrent network, used to exchange files between program users. The files that can be shared range from videos and music, through text documents, to images and compressed files. In short, you can share any file. You can get more information about Ares on our website if you want.

Ares continues to be updated.

The latest version of Ares Galaxy (this is the full name of this p2p download software) is the 2.48, which was released on March 5, 2018, and which is 100% compatible with Windows 10, so any user of this Microsoft operating system can enjoy this program on their PC equipped with Windows 10. Here we see how Ares works perfectly on Windows 10:

Although this latest version of Ares (2.4) is compatible with Windows 10, it is also compatible with previous versions such as Windows 8, 7, and even Windows XP. So if any user still uses Windows XP, please leave us a comment on this post. Secondly, you can download Ares free for Windows XP without any problem and use this excellent program in the already mythical version of Windows.

Although there is no explicit version for Windows 64 bits, we can install the 32-bit version of Ares without any problem in our Windows 64 bits.

Ares is no longer used as much as it used to be

While it is true that a good number of users still use the program, this use has declined over time due to various factors such as the easy accessibility through other platforms to the content that is shared in this program; for example, before, we would use Ares to download movies, and now we can make use of platforms like Netflix, which for a very tight monthly fee, gives us access to an extensive catalog of films and TV beings.

This does not mean that the program has lost its usefulness since we will still be able to download files shared by software users, although we will no longer find the number of files in previous years.

And you, do you still use Ares? What do you use it for, and how long have you been using it? Leave us your comments about Ares, the already legendary P2P file-sharing program.

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