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Aptana Studio is an integrated environment for developing dynamic web applications.

Is a free open source software developed for programmers, runs on any operating system because is cross-platform and is one hundred percent customizable. It has an integrated debugger and simple configurations.

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Aptana Studio has a wizard for Javascript and HTML code and tools for working with database. It incorporates the ability to mark syntax by color, allowing develop applications more conveniently.

Aptana Studio is based on the Eclipse development environment and, if you were using this program, your plugins or extensions are compatible with Aptana Studio so you do not have to download new.

Aptana Studio uses almost entirely PHP, but also offers support for other languages like Adobe Air, Python, Ruby, CSS and Ajax. You can also include add-ons and new features for these languages if you need to enhance program performance.

Aptana Studio is recommended as one of the best software to develop applications for its focus on new technologies and web accessibility.

If you're into developing web applications in a simple and uncomplicated, feel free to download and install Aptana Studio.

by Augusto Baldi

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