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The company's slogan could not be more succinct about exactly what the AnyDesk remote access software has to offer.

If you are unfamiliar with remote access software, what they basically allow the user to do is to access control to a computer remotely from anywhere in the world - just through a simple connection via the software. This is extremely useful for many industries and companies in their international workflow or even for your personal use. From supporting external customers, presenting solutions to enhancing internal workflows - AnyDesk is a choice software for more than 15000 companies in over 165 countries.

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How does AnyDesk work?

You would imagine the ability to control a computer from afar would require some complex setup, wouldn't you? Us too. But it is surprisingly not. AnyDesk claims to offer the easiest remote access solution out there - and they are not bluffing at all.

One minute is how long it takes. And the process is so simple, even our technologically challenged friends and parents could do it.

Simply download the software. Both the controller and the person whose computer is going to be accessed needs to download the software.

The file is pretty small - 3MB (smaller than ONE high-resolution image) - and will take no time at all to download. Once downloaded, just click on it to open into a simple interface - where you can see a personal ID on the left side of the screen. Simply get or provide this number to the controller to enter into the search bar on the right and wait for the connection to be accepted. Viola, instant remote connection!

What can you do with AnyDesk?

The real question is what can you not do with this software? This software is chockfull of useful features for personal and professional use.

Real-time collaboration - Work on projects, give presentations or hold meetings with your teams as though they are in the room with you.

File transfer - Imagine AirDrop but between computers. How convenient is that? Especially for crazily huge files that take ages to send via conventional emails or other cloud file transfer means, this is a godsend.

Remote printing - Yes you saw it right! You can print to any printer connected to your entire network of remote access connections - not just yours.

Recording sessions - This useful feature allows for both parties to record any remote access sessions for an additional level of security and also handy for training purposes.

There are plenty of more useful features that come along with most remote access software. But a point to note is that it has a particularly intuitive UI that allows new users to get used to these features easily. This is what many users, we included, liked about this particular software.

The all in one remote access software

If you are in the market for such a software, you will realize there are many competitive software out there like TeamViewer, Remote Desktop Services, GoToMyPC. However, there is a reason why this software remains the leading remote access software.

AnyDesk's unique proprietary codec, DeskRT allows for incredibly smooth, minimal lag communication across shared screens. This is extremely important for companies that have clients or satellite offices in areas with poor internet connectivity.

Their dedication to ensuring utmost security is also a key trait that many AnyDesk customers appreciate and choose them for. From utilizing banking-standard technology, RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange encryption to verify every connection, to even allowing companies to use their own networks.

The software understands the needs of its multi-national clientele and has adapted its software to fit the needs of companies that require international keyboards, over 28 languages and also multi-platform support at no extra charges.

Try it yourself

Don't take our word for it. Try it out yourself. It offers a free trial for businesses (without taking any of your personal information). Plus it's free of charge for personal use - so there's really no reason why you shouldn't try it out yourself. Hopefully, you'll find THE remote access solution you've been looking for the whole time.

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