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Amaya is a web client tool that acts as a browser with the function of editing net pages.

This tool is composed by a web browser and an author tool, these two facilities help so that this tool can manipulate complexes web pages, with several designs and contents as tables, forms and more advanced XHTML features. About its manipulation, thanks to this web editor called Amaya, you can add unique styles, graphics and editing math expressions.

Amaya screenshot

Amaya creates adaptation possibilities to user’s needs, since it incorporates several different profiles with many options, besides of counting as well with most of the tools with quick access buttons.

Amaya´s interface is quite classic, represented by panels and options in bars located in its upper part. Its installation is a quite simple process on this tool and once you have started the program, it will show a window with different suggestions and curiosities about Amaya that you could use when executing it. One of its qualities is that it explains step by step its options and edition possibilities, which don’t convert Amaya into a selfish tool strictly created only to people who know these functions but also to those who don’t know this field.

Amaya is a potent web pages editor, which by counting with a web browser inside its tools, catalogues it as a complete edition system.

by Augusto Baldi

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