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AirDroid is an excellent tool for Android mobile phones, that allows us to manage some of the phone's functions from a web browser.

Mobile phones have become an essential tool in our day-to-day. Thanks to them, we can make photos, listen to music, watch videos, browse the Internet, and make phone calls. Thanks to the operating system Google Android (Linux-based), currently, we have a multitude of mobile devices with which we can carry out a multitude of tasks.

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AirDroid is a program that, once installed on our Android phone, allows us to control certain phone functions from the PC. To do this we only need a web browser installed on our PC and an Internet connection. In this way we avoid having to use a cable to connect the mobile phone to the PC.

To access the program, we need to run the program in the mobile, and it will show an IP and a web address. We must enter the IP address or a web address in the PC web browser and accept the connection request in our smartphone. Once the connection is established, we will have access to a desktop where we can make multitude of tasks on our mobile phone.

In PC's web browser we will see app's desktop, where there are several icons that let us make some actions:

  • Messages: Allows us to write SMS to any of the contacts on the phone. The great advantage of this option is that we can write SMS with the keyboard. In addition, we can view log of received SMS in the phone.
  • Apps: In this section you will see all applications that are installed on Android phone, and the size of each. We can download phone's applications (.apk) to PC, or delete phone apps.
  • Files: Here we can explore directories and files on phone's SD card and the root system. We will be able to create folders, copy, delete, move and upload files.
  • Photos: This section displays a list of photos stored on the mobile device. We will be able to view them in full screen or download them to PC. We also have the option of uploading photos from PC to mobile phone. The images downloaded using the phone's web browser, or WhatsApp images will also be displayed in this section.
  • Music: Here we will see a list of audio files that are stored on the mobile phone, in addition to being able to delete, download or upload songs, we can also choose any of the audio file as a ringtone, alarm or notification.
  • Ringtones: Consists of a list of ringtones that we can assign to incoming calls, notices or alarms. We will be able to download ringtones from phone to PC, or upload new ringtones from PC to mobile.
  • Video: In this section we can view the videos stored in the phone and download or upload new videos from the PC.
  • Call log: we will see a list of all calls in the mobile phone. This list displays contact's name, phone number, date, time and duration of the call. There are records of incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls. We will be able to send an SMS or make a call to any of the numbers which appear in that list.
  • Contacts: Here is a list of all contacts that are stored on our phone. We can delete contacts or add new ones. We can also modify the information of existing contacts (e-mail, home address, web page, the image of the contact, etc.).
  • Frequent contacts: shows a list of the contacts that we use the most.
  • Screen capture: This option allows us to capture a screen shot of the phone and save it on PC. To make use of this option, the phone must be rooted.
  • Camera: With this option we can see in the PC that we are focusing with the phone's camera. We can also make photos and turn on the flash light (if the phone has it).

AirDroid displays information related to our mobile phone: the Amount of internal memory used and free, amount of memory SD card used and free, Wifi coverage, mobile coverage, and battery level.

In the right side of the screen we have a quick access “tool box”, where we can upload files to the phone's SD card, open a web on the phone's browser, copy text to the clipboard or upload an application .apk.

Without a doubt this program, due to its ease of use and convenience to manage the files of our mobile phone, is mandatory for all Android users.

As we have mentioned before, the only requirement needed to make use of this program is to have a web browser installed, so that we will be able to use it with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

The program is free to download from the Android Play Store.

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