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AdwCleaner is a free software that is used to detect and remove Adware from your Windows PC.

Adware is the name given to programs that are installed on a PC in order to show advertising while you are surfing the Internet, reading emails, or making a normal use of the computer. These adware programs are usually quite annoying and prevent you from making normal use of the PC. For example, there are search bars that are installed when you start your favorite browser, and they always appear when you do a search, giving results that have nothing to do with what you have searched for, or inserting intrusive advertising in search results.

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These adware programs can be installed in the Windows registry, folder on your PC, or in the browser when you run your PC; therefore, many times, the manual removal of adware becomes complex.

AdwCleaner emerges as a great solution to detect and remove adware. This software is developed and supported by Malwarebytes, which is one of the most important companies in the sector of the detection and removal of spyware, adware, malware, etc.

Once you download the program, just execute the downloaded file, since it does not require installation.
The main screen is very simple to use and consists of three main buttons.
To start using the program, click on "Scan", and the software will begin to analyze your PC in search of adware resident. When the scan is complete, a summary of the threats detected will be displayed. These threats are classified into several groups according to where they are found: Folders, Files, Registry, Chrome, etc.
This classification will help you to get an idea where the adware has been installed and how they could get there. For example, if you see that AdwCleaner has detected adware in the Chrome extensions, you need to review where you have downloaded those extensions, so you cannot trust that download site anymore.

When you press the button "Clean”, the process of removing adware detected will begin. Keep in mind that there will be adware that cannot be deleted without restarting the PC before, so the program may ask you to restart your computer to remove all detected adware.

Once the adware is removed, a report with all the actions performed will be displayed. This report can be seen at any time by pressing on the button "Registry".

As mentioned above, the interface is very simple to use, and is also in Spanish, which make AdwCleaner a perfect program for detection and removal of adware, since it is simple and requires no installation, and it is free.

We must bear in mind that this software is focused solely on the detection and removal of adware, and does not address other threats such as spyware, virus, rootkits, etc. Therefore, you can't rely solely on this software to keep your PC free of these annoying programs. Now, this software is essential if you want to make sure that your PC is as clean as possible.

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