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0 A.D. is a free, cross-platform, open-source game, based on different civilizations from the History of mankind.

0 A.D. is one of the most exciting games about humankind civilizations which recreates the most important epic battles fought by men on Earth.

Both in the individual (single-player) and in the multiplayer version, the user of

0 A.D. must control a society and make it grow, develop and fight battles in order to conquer more land, eventually becoming the dominant civilization.

Therefore, the 0 A.D. player will need to create a base upon which to create a society, explore natural resources to secure its advancement, set up and train an army for attack and defense, as well as researching technologies to boost the economical development of the citizens.

The civilizations found in 0 A. D. are the carthaginians, the celts, the hellenes, the persians and the romans. Each of these societies or civilizations has characteristics of its own which stand out from the other. For example, the hellenes are notorious for their development in philosophy and democracy, while the carthaginians stand out due to their naval power.

The game is strengthened by the recreation of the epic battles occurred between these civilizations which left a mark in the History of men. Infantry, cavalry and navy are fundamental units to develop our own society in the game.

In 0 A.D. strategy, tactics and wit are essential skills to make our own civilization flourish and expand.

by Augusto Baldi

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