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Become the king of a fabulous Zoo.

Zooba is a game system based on the famous Battle Royale, where the characters are based on the animal kingdom. Your objective is to fight with several players who want to obtain the largest number of zoos in the world to make servants of the animals that live there.

In the course of the game, you will have to fight against more than 45 opponents. The strategy is to survive since some of these arenas have traps you must avoid, and as you advance, you will be able to collect powerful weapons that can be used as a defense against other animals.

You must bear in mind that you must be very careful since the danger is growing every minute because there is a great probability that you will be attacked with the slightest carelessness.

As you explore this zoo-like arena, your experience in the game will increase, and you will discover new characters. new characters that already have unique abilities such as an attack, defense, and some weapons. weapons and some basic weapons, which you can improve little by little.

I would also like to comment on something else about this game, the possibility of being able to communicate with other players through messages or sending emoticons, something like a chat. This means we can invite our friends to join or form new friends and form a clan with them.

Another important aspect is that this game saves as statistics all your progress as you complete the missions, and a rating will be given for everyone to see since the goal of this game is to face the best and emerge victorious.

Like any game, it is worth mentioning that there are unique events where you can get incredible rewards to strengthen your team and be number one.

The graphical interface and sounds are great; being able to see cartoon-type animals invite you to keep playing and keeps you hooked on it.

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    How to PLAY Zooba on PC

    Download Zooba on PC How to have fun with Zooba on PC and the way it runs? That's genuine all the concerns asked about by a large number of visitors...