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    Although you may not know it, one of the main situations in which your computer is at risk is when you make an incoming or outgoing connection, taking into account that could enter your PC all kinds of malicious software. The truth is that although today most of the Microsoft operating systems have a built-in firewall to avoid these problems, there are applications such as ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, which are responsible for it specifically.

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is nothing else than one of the firewalls most popular in the world, one thanks to which you will have absolute control over all connections, both incoming and outgoing, from your computer. In this way, you will be able to access detailed reports about them, recognizing when there is a connection that could put you at risk so that you can immediately take action on the matter.

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    In effect, although, as we said, this is a type of task that today we could say that Windows covers on its own, in the case of the most demanding users, it is likely to have ZoneAlarm Free Firewall improve your experience. This security server, which has no antivirus or anti-spyware features, is nonetheless one of the most efficient solutions within its particular field.

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall bets for it by offering some immediate answers to this kind of inconvenience related to the early detection and blocking of those connections that could be negative for your computer. Of course, it doesn't stop there, but it also adds other complementary tools that we often find only in paid applications, something that is appreciated.

    One of the most interesting features that we have found in the ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has to do without any doubt with the ability also to control our email client, one of those that produce more connections, of course. Thanks to this option, you can prevent bots that have been developed for this purpose and send emails to your contacts without your approval.

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has some specific sections as the so-called Application Control, thanks to which you can decide which are the programs you have installed on your computer, which can connect to the Internet when they see fit. In case you decide to limit the freedom of some of these applications, you will avoid that they can send information about your movements to third parties.

    And we didn't want to forget to mention what happens with another tool, the so-called Internet Lock, a system thanks to which our PC is automatically blocked when it detects that it has exceeded a time limit of inactivity. This prevents cybercriminals from taking advantage of our connections if we have left the house or are not attentive to the computer.

    The ZoneAlarm Free Firewall user interface is excellent, and it is also in two ways. On the one hand, we find that its design is well achieved, as it maintains a spirit of its own, which distinguishes it from any similar program. And secondly, because being translated into Spanish and well located all the menus and functions, we can take full advantage of it from the first approach to its features.

    To keep in mind

    Although ZoneAlarm Free Firewall does not have a particularly complicated installation process, you have to keep in mind that for it to finish without problems, you will have to stay connected to the Internet during all that time. Obviously, if we are looking for a service that protects our connections, this particularity should not produce any setback.

    The best

    ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has many interesting positive features. However, in case you have to talk about those that differentiate it from other similar firewalls, probably its number of functions despite its free is one of them. In addition, the application control systems and blocking connections after a period of inactivity have seemed very useful to have a more personalized experience of use.

    The worst

    Although ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has no specific weaknesses, as we pointed out at the beginning of the review, you should remember that this application does not have an antivirus or anti-spyware features. If, at the same time, we know that many antiviruses do have additional security for our connections, if you have a good antivirus, you probably do not need to install this firewall.


    In summary, we can say that ZoneAlarm Free Firewall is a firewall that could become useful to that small group of users who do not have an antivirus that already has these functions or who have a specific fear in terms of such situations. If you are looking for a free complement to your security software, here is a good alternative.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is ZoneAlarm Free Firewall downloadable for Windows 10?
    Yes, this software can be downloaded and is compatible with Windows 10.
    What operating systems is it compatible with?
    This software is compatible with the following 32-bit Windows operating systems:
    Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
    Here you can download the 32-bit version of ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.
    Is it compatible with 64-bit operating systems?
    Yes, although there is no special 64-bit version, so you can download the 32-bit version and run it on 64-bit Windows operating systems.
    What files do I need to download to install this software on my Windows PC?
    To install ZoneAlarm Free Firewall on your PC, you have to download the zafwSetupWeb_158_139_18543.exe file to your Windows and install it.
    Which version of the program am I going to download?
    The current version we offer is the 158.139.
    Is ZoneAlarm Free Firewall free?
    Yes, this program is free so you will be able to use it without any limitations, and without additional cost.
    Are there alternatives and programs similar to ZoneAlarm Free Firewall?
    Yes, here you can see similar programs and alternatives.
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