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ZIP password finder is an old program that allows recovering .zip password files.

ZIP compressed files can be protected with a password, so the zip content can only be decompressed by those people who know the password. This possibility allows us to protect our private documents.
There are times when we forget the password that we set in a ZIP file and we need to recover it. In these cases it is good to have a tool that is capable of decrypt password of ZIP files.

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ZIP password finder allows us to recover .zip passwords files. The program makes use of “brute force” to decrypt the password of the file. This means that it will test all possible combinations of characters, to find the correct password. This type of operation takes a lot of time, and depending on the length of the key we are looking for, it can take thousands of days to recover a password. So we must understand correctly the options of the program to be able to speed up the process of password recovery.

The section on CharType Property offers the possibility of limiting the combination of characters used to decrypt the password:

  • Numeric (0-9): only use the numeric characters to decrypt the password. If we don't remember the file password, but we remember that the password only contained numbers, this option will speed up the password recovery.
  • Alpha (upper)(A_Z): only use uppercase alphabet characters. (A,B,C,D,...).
  • Alpha (lower)(a-z): only use lowercase alphabet characters (a,b,c,d,...)
  • Alpha (upper/lower case)(A_Z,a-z): use the characters of the alphabet both upper and in lowercase.
  • AlphaNumeric (upper/lower)(0-9, A_Z,a-z): use the characters of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase letters, along with the numeric characters.
  • AlphaNumeric (upper case)(0-9, A_Z): use characters of the alphabet in capital letters, along with the numeric characters.
  • AlphaNumeric (lower case)(0-9,a-z): use characters of the alphabet in lower case, along with the numeric characters.
  • Full ASCII set: use all available ASCII characters, which includes numbers, alphabet letters and other characters such as -.&%$. This option is the most time consuming since the possible combinations between characters are bigger.
  • NonAlphaNumeric: will use the characters that are neither numbers nor letters of the alphabet, so it only uses characters of the type: $#@·%

According to the kind of password we want to decrypt, we must use an option or another. When many characters are included, the greater will be the time the program takes to decrypt the password.

If we remember the number of characters that contains the password (password length), we can use the field “Max Password Length” to limit the number of characters that the program will check.

This program is old and only works on Operating Systems up to Windows XP. Yet the program complies with its job perfectly, and allow recover forgotten passwords of old files.

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