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Zero City is a 2D survival and simulation game. You will need to build your base, train survivors, and defend your headquarters from zombie attacks.

Zero City is a zombie-apocalypse-driven storyline. A new virus has infected the world, turning people into flesh-eating zombies. You will be the shelter's new leader and must protect survivors from the zombie invasion.

You will need to manage your base, which includes commanding fighters, building new structures, and setting up defenses. Combats are mostly automated, with troops and zombies fighting each other until death. You can, however, organize your team's formation ahead of time and use special attacks or heal troops manually. Your team can be made up of different characters, such as fighters or doctors.

The zombies of Zero City are not your typical zombies. There are intelligent and super-strong zombies that can cause trouble. You can defend the city, but you also have the option to advance and capture zombie-held areas or rescue survivors.

You can fight in PvP duels or participate in global tournaments through the multiplayer component of Zero City. Other players can also help you by donating food or resources.


  • Shelter your home from the hordes of zombies
  • Strategist gameplay: Manage resources, organize your team, and command your base
  • Tactical and intense battles
  • Plan a well-planned attack against zombies.
  • Retake the city from the zombies
  • PvP duels are a great way to show your fighting skills
  • Help other players by providing resources and reinforcements
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    How to PLAY Zero City on PC

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