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ZEPETO allows you to connect with others and create a virtual clone you can completely customize.

To get started, take a photo of yourself or select one from your library. The application will then create a 3D avatar that reflects your best features. This result can be edited manually to change any aspect of its appearance. You will then be able to interact with the rest of ZEPETO's community. The game will begin with very little. Although you won't have any clothes or objects, you will have 1500 coins that can be used to interact with the world. There are many ways to earn more coins. The main way is through challenges. You can also meet other users and play the various minigames offered by the app. You can use these coins to purchase clothes, dance moves, and other exclusive elements such as ZEPETOS avatars.

You can modify the avatar's appearance by adding decorative elements like lamps, furniture, paintings, and other items to the main room. These objects can be used to decorate your room and allow other users to visit. This is the social side of the app. You can invite other users into your gamer room using their ZEPETO avatar. You can also upgrade your experience by creating custom emojis and accessing private chats. Additionally, you can export the ZEPETO for use as a profile picture on any social network.

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    How to PLAY ZEPETO on PC

    How to PLAY ZEPETO on PC

    Download ZEPETO on PC How to play ZEPETO on PC, and how it works? This is really often the topic asked by lots of users who wish to play a...