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XYplorer is a powerful Windows File Explorer that makes use of tabs to improve the user experience.

The Windows operating system comes with a file Explorer that has limited features and low usability. If we want to work quickly while we make file operations (copy, rename, move, etc), it is best to install a file Explorer alternative. XYplorer will make our experience with files operations in Windows, to improve substantially.

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Thanks to its system of tabs, dual-pane and navigation system with 6 keys, we can manage the tree of directories in a quick way. We can open several tabs with different locations. Copying and moving files is very simple due to the use of the dual-pane, and if we want to make use of the 6 "shortcut keys", we will have control of the software using 4 arrow keys, "Control" key and "Intro".

Find a file or directory will be much more simple and effective with this software, since we can make use of filters, regular expressions, search the contents of files, find duplicate files and see the results of the searches in a tree view, displaying the content of directories and subdirectories.

File handling become child's play, thanks to the possibility of launching several processes of copying, one after the other, creating a queue of files to copy. Also we can launch the copy process in background, so we can use the program for other operations. Also, this software have the ability to open and explore compressed files without having to install any additional tools.

The file organization is another feature that stands out from this software. We can assign tags and comments to files and directories. In this way, we will have another classification in our files. We can even assign certain colors to files with a specific attributes (size, date of creation, etc), this way the files that meet the conditions and have attributes that we have selected will be colored.

The preview of images, videos and audio is another remarkable feature of this program. With one click you can preview these files without having to open them.

Another advantage of XYplorer is that you don't need to install it, since it is portable, it means that we can copy it anywhere on the hard disk, or take it in a flash drive and we can run it without installing it. By double clicking on the executable we will have it ready to go.

We left some outstanding features, such as the ability to create our own commands, creating advanced scripts from running, portable file association, etc.

Without a doubt, this is one of those programs that if you try it, you don't wanto to use another one anymore. A piece of Software designed for the user and that it facilitates the daily work.

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