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XMoto is a Motocross platform video game in which you have to follows some ways to get to the goal.

Obviously counts with many scenarios and lots of complications in each level, you will have to be very careful when doing your maneuvers because the physic is totally present. XMoto is a video game to spend several hours in front of your computer trying to go to the next phases, because even seeming something small, brings high difficulty levels.

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The specific number of levels offered by XMoto is complicated to be said since many of them are in rooms created by users as well as rooms itself; many of the levels are done and edited by all maniacs about this video game.

XMoto counts with lot of options to make the user’s entertainment a nicer and customized free time system, with capacity of changing its sound, screen. Graphics, speed, levels, etc. This video game graphics are quite simple and also light and work quickly.

Talking about its handling, the only thing you have to do is to drive the motorcycle and change its direction depending on where you want to go. XMoto is the MotoCross platform game that will help you to spend a lot of funny time in front of your computer.

by Augusto Baldi

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