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Xinorbis is a portable application that helps you to see the space that is occupied by the different files in your hard disk.

One of the initial advantages that you can find in Xinorbis is that it is presented as portable software, eliminating this way the work of having to install the application avoiding substituting files of the operational system. Xinorbis offers us that once the software is executed, a graphic report of our hard disk’s situation is provided, in other words, it informs us on the space that is busy as well as the free space that we have to use, so that we can have an organization system and better distribution of our hard disk.

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This way, Xinorbis tells us that files, folders or elements of any type, are occupying larger space than the advisable. Xinorbis analyzes the disk again considering each folder, sub-folder, audio files, video or real and temporary documents, giving a statistical graph on what was found: in that way it will be possible to do the matching corrections to improve the space of our disk.

If we want to save these reports provided by Xinorbis, it will be possible exporting them to a known format: as HTML or XML

by Augusto Baldi

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