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Can't be too careful

Things are looking great nowadays and I bet we all can see a very bright future ahead when it comes to new breakthrough technologies and tech advances. But, you know what else comes along with that? Well, where there is light there must be shadow as well. So, even though things look promising ahead, you will have to be ware and always keep in mind that you can never be too careful.

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What you will be requiring here, in order to feel safe for you relax and enjoy, will be some kind of bodyguard. And, guess what? We have the best option for an online bodyguard just for you: the name is X-VPN.

Value your privacy, X-VPN does

The tool discussed here is a free multi-platform app that will enable you to connect anonymously and safety to the internet. And now you are asking yourself: Why in the world would I want to be incognito? Here is why:

  • Perils of the open network and inquisitive eyes: you should know by now that if you are on an open network such as public Wifi hotspot, you are quite vulnerable for people with the right skill sets (and not so good intentions) to easily steal your personal information such as private emails or even credit card information;
  • People is monitoring you: When connected to a network and using the internet service, many of those providers will be in position to see your internet traffic. That is correct, they will be monitoring what you are sending and what you are receiving, addresses linked to that and your data might be even stored by one or more government agencies;
  • Geo-restriction: All around the internet there are more than a few contents and applications with restrictions related to where you are connecting from, managed by tracing the login IP address to its region. Those kind of limitations will surely make it hard for you to enjoy the whole potential of the world wide web.

What can your bodyguard do for you?

With the background of the threats out there just waiting to get you, X-VPN will surely become your best friend. For starters, with this tool, your internet connection will be secured with advanced 256-bit bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology so your personal data will not be compromised. At the same time, it will grant you the anonymity's cloak, as the program conceals your internet activities from internet service providers and government eavesdropping.

In the other hand, it will feel kinda like travelling, because you will be able to set your virtual location anywhere in the world. X-VPN offers servers all over the world (more than 5000!) to ensure that you can unblock streaming and social networking apps and sites at your office, school, home or anywhere, for you to enjoy your contents and applications with no further hassle.  

So, in a nutshell, nobody (including X-VPN) will be in position to track or hack you, so you will just lay comfortable in your mall or coffee shop, with something truly valuable: peace of mind.

Fast and furious

There are certain things that just everyone looks for in a program. That is it to be fast, and it to be easy to use. I mean, nobody likes convoluted stuff. That being said: Guess what? Our friendly bodyguard offer us just what we are looking for.

When it comes to the use of the tool, you just tap the connect button and that is it (3 seconds to connect), you have the world unblocked at your disposal, hassle free. You wanted speed? Well, you will have in here faster and more stable connections with unlimited bandwidth for all users thanks to the grace of self-owned servers and alliances with AWS and Rockspace. And not even mentioning the 24/6 live chat support, always handy.

A spy with the world at hand

You know how many VPN service providers always promise to “unblock the world” for you by opening up foreign streaming sites or domestic ones when you are overseas. Well, here is one that can fulfill that promise. So, if you attach any importance to your privacy, information security, and freedom online, then this tool is 100% designed for you. 

by Augusto Baldi

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