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Wormux is an excellent version of the super famous game Worms, with free distribution, with a lot of relevant details and a very funny game.

The main characters of this game are Linux mythic pets, as Tux or Konqui, and another pets related to Unix world and free software.

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Besides of Wormux we will also have an arsenal with the craziest guns. Another interesting feature is that it presents an online game mode in which we can compete with any user on the internet or in local net.

Wormux is a game (Just like Worms) in which two or more computers fight by shifts, selecting and then using its funny weapons like: grenade shooter, baseball bat, converting into a kamikaze warrior, and much more funny options.

Other important features of Wormux are, the great variety of languages ( English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Russian, among others). The second peculiar feature that can be highlighted into this game is that the names can be edited, giving a great possibility to customize the pets and the scenarios.

by Augusto Baldi

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