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World Flipper is a game that combines two different types of games, including RPG and pinball. Although it may sound strange at first, you'll soon discover how dynamic and fun it is once it's started.

As you play the game, you will need to dive into the fascinating stories of each character. These stories will become available as you advance. This will allow you to have fun with pinball and kill enemies. You will also be able to unlock chapters in your characters' stories.

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Your ability to play pinball will not suffice to kill the enemy. You will still need to master the combinations of characters to defeat your opponent.

The vast number of worlds you can explore enhances the game's depth. You can also enter them to discover their secrets.

You can not only advance in the game's story mode, but you can also join your friends online and raid the dungeons to find the best treasures.

This game will be a hit with many thanks to its pixel aesthetics. This game combines the simplicity and logic of pinball games with the depth and argument that RPG games offer. You can even combine your efforts with your best friends online to have the most fun online games.

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    How to PLAY World Flipper on PC

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