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WinRAM is a very useful tool, which will help with liberating RAM memory space.

Some time, for sure, your computer has been slow, opening the programs with a minimum speed, playing audio and video files in a deficient way and obviously this activity way very unpleasant; the reason and answer to this defect is your RAM memory space.

WinRAM screenshot

When RAM memory’s content is almost null, your computer’s speed will be evidently affected.In many occasions, the reason of having little space in RAM memory, if a result of this waste that are flying in your computer of heavy applications as design programs or video games, or even, because you left your computer functioning for many hours.

WinRAM will help you to delete all this “trash” content or the unnecessary content that run through your computer, with the purpose of stopping it for a little bit. Thanks to this tool you will have the possibility of working with a faster computer without worrying about its way of use, since WinRAM s simple to use and to manipulate. WinRAM interface will show 3 (three) different bars, indicating Total RAM memory in use end free.

The only movement you have to do to start this tool is clicking in “Optimize RAM memory” button and it will initiate the liberation process.

Optimizing your computer functioning about its speed and use and starting process, is nearer than you can imagine with WinRAM.

by Augusto Baldi

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