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WinMerge is an intuitive and easy to use program that serves mainly to correct, to synchronize and to compare different versions of a same file.

WinMerge compares and synchronizes the text files, illuminating its syntax, showing the numbers of lines and transporting the text automatically from a file to another one. To know and to evidence the differences between texts and syntaxes, it is possible to modify and to combine the colors, to put them in bold, along with many other possibilities.

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The program creates patch files, works with 7-Zip. files, possesses an on-line help manual and has the possibility of being used in several languages including English.

WinMerge Works with different types of files such as:

  1. ADAMulti
  2. ASP.NET
  3. Visual C#
  4. Delphi
  5. MASM
  6. GNU
  7. Visual Basic
  8. Visual C++
  9. Symbian C++
  10. HML/HTML

WinMerge is an indispensable help to all those people that programs and want to compare and to unite the versions of a same file, besides of being an open code and gratuitous program.

by Augusto Baldi

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