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Wild Metal is a strategic and futuristic adventure style video game.

The mission of Wild Metal is to protect the human race from the attacks coming from a group of inciting machines of the Theric system and that wish to seek absolute control of the galaxy.

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For centuries, nobody has ever visited the three planets of the Theric system. Tundra, the Aztec Planet and the Red Planet were abandoned when the technology made such impressive progress that the highly dangerous military units developed awareness of themselves and turned into a devastating effect for all the living things in the Theric system.

The machines rose up in revolt and decided to end all biological life; with no other option, humankind withdrew, and left the Theric system at the mercy of this new generation of killers.

The player’s role in Wild Metall is to be an intergalactic reward hunter, to try to locate and seize the energy conductors so as to unplug the machines. With ingenuity and assisted with a supply of futuristic weapons, you should embark yourself in a mission you cannot miss.

The range of weapons is amazing and the player counts on five types of armored vehicles to choose, with unique characteristics and attributes. Wild Metal has 21 levels with different settings full of mountains, hills, valleys, plains and deserts and canyons.

The final purpose in Wild Metal is to locate and seize eight power centers in three different planetary surfaces, found in hard or inaccessible access.

by Augusto Baldi

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