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Do you want to download WhatsApp Plus for Android? This MOD allows you to squeeze the possibilities of the leading messaging app. You can enjoy many more features, so it is one of the most requested APKs within the Android ecosystem. It is not just another application but a modified WhatsApp with a higher level of customization and many more features.

If you want to know how to install WhatsApp Plus, we invite you to read on because we will also talk about the main features of this app. And above all, the steps to follow so that you download it from a safe site since many insecure copies have emerged in recent years due to its popularity.

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Analysis WhatsApp Plus

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a WhatsApp mod that comes with many privacy features and extra functionalities. For example, you can hide notifications, send audio and video files larger than WhatsApp allows, increase status letters, set passwords for chats without using third-party apps, etc. It is constantly updated with new features based on the latest stable versions of WhatsApp (the official app).

How to download WhatsApp Plus for Android

You can download the WhatsApp Plus APK for Android from Usitility. We recommend downloading it from our site because it is a 100% safe and virus-free APK file. On many other sites on the Internet, hang APKs that are infected with malware or do not correspond to the original application. However, by entering Usitility, you can always download the latest versions of your favorite applications by APK, as in the case of WhatsApp Plus.

You must have unknown sources enabled to install APK files on your Android phone. You can easily do this from Settings > Security > Unknown sources (enable).

How to install WhatsApp Plus on Android

Steps to follow to install WhatsApp Plus on Android:

  • Back up your WhatsApp conversations (Settings > Chats > Backup) so you don't lose them.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp application
  • Download WhatsApp Plus from Usitility
  • Double-click on the APK file to install it
  • Accept the terms and conditions, verify the phone number and restore chats

You must back up your chats before deleting the WhatsApp app. Otherwise, you might lose all your conversations. However, if you make a backup on Google Drive, you can restore it whenever you want, either in WhatsApp Plus or the official app.

If you have followed all these steps successfully, you will already have WhatsApp Plus installed on your Android smartphone. Remember, you must delete the official WhatsApp messaging app from your mobile to be able to use it. Remember, this will not ban your account (unlike years ago). And in case you do not want to uninstall the official WhatsApp application, you can use GBWhatsApp.

Why download WhatsApp Plus?

If you are a user who always wants to enjoy more customization options, WhatsApp Plus is for you. As we say, it is an app that takes the latest official and stable version of WhatsApp as a base and adds exclusive features. You can do more than you can imagine and, of course, many more things compared to the original app; that's why it is so interesting.

The bad thing about WhatsApp is that although it is the number 1 messaging application, it does not end up adding many options for personalization or privacy. However, this PLUS version adds features that users look for through external apps: passwords for chats, scheduled messages, etc.

What features do we find in WhatsApp Plus?

As soon as you install WhatsApp Plus, you will see that the menus now have many more options than the original WhatsApp application. You can do more than you can imagine, like some of the abovementioned things.

In a matter of seconds, you will see all the differences between this mod and WhatsApp. You can check it yourself by clicking on the three dots. You will see the following options appear:

  • Privacy (you will see the options to hide online, blue ticks, second tick, typing, recording, blue microphone, hide seen in statuses, and enable anti-revoke). This is one of the advantages of the Plus version because you can choose what you want your contacts to see.
  • More settings
  • Reset
  • Custom Chats
  • Schedule messages (you will be able to schedule messages to be sent at the time you want without the need to install external applications).
  • Broadcast Message to Groups
  • New group
  • New Broadcast
  • WhatsApp Web
  • Featured Messages
  • Status
  • Settings

In addition, in the main window where the chats are located, we have five different buttons (unlike WhatsApp, which only has one). The goal is to squeeze the most out of the original app by trying new features.

We found many features that WhatsApp by default does not have, so we say that WhatsApp Plus is a much more complete application. These are its main advantages:

  • Change the background theme.
  • Change the font
  • Hide the "online" status
  • Hide the blue ticks
  • Disable the audio recording warning
  • Send larger files
  • New WhatsApp emojis
  • Live location

As new versions of WhatsApp Plus are released, we will enjoy new features. That is why it is essential always to have this application updated with the latest APKs. Currently, the latest one corresponds to December 2017.

Can I uninstall WhatsApp Plus and use WhatsApp again?

Of course. You will need to follow these steps:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp Plus
  • Restart.
  • Go to the Play Store and download WhatsApp
  • Install WhatsApp and retrieve your chat history
  • Now you can continue using WhatsApp

Now you can download and install WhatsApp Plus on your Android phone. It is straightforward, and you can enjoy a modified WhatsApp that goes luxury in a matter of minutes.

WhatsApp Plus is the solution if you want to enjoy WhatsApp with more features and without resorting to external apps. Try it and tell us if you like it!

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