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WhatsApp PLUS is a program that allows you to customize and to modify the visual appearance of the messaging software WhatsApp.

We need to clarify that WhatsApp+, is a modification of the original WhatsApp, that is to say, it is not a program that works as a plugin, but if we use WhatsAppPLUS, it will not be necessary to use WhatsApp. Not only that, if we want to use the PLUS version, we need to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp in order to install and use the PLUS version.

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WhatsApp PLUS adds a number of improvements that are not present in the original version of the program. The function more outstanding is that it allows us to modify the visual appearance of the program, being able to add a custom wallpaper or change the colors of the main screen of the program, the chat rooms, and the contacts screen. These options are very similar to those options offered by the old Windows Messenger. Other features that make this program a very useful tool are:

  • Increase the limit of the uploaded files that we share, up to 30 Mb.

  • Allow sending a picture with the original size and width, without it being automatically resized.

  • Modify the quality of the images that we share. We can choose a percentage that indicates the level of quality of the image, being 100% the highest quality possible.

  • Modify the quality of the videos we share. We can reduce the size of videos that we share, or keep the original quality.

We can download a set of predefined themes that will change the colors and the visual aspect of the program. There are Themes of Real Madrid, Hello Kitty, The Pink Panther, and many more. These themes are free and downloaded automatically when we access to the option of “Settings->Themes->Download”.

If we do not like the image of one of our contacts, we will be able to choose a picture that will be displayed instead of the original image of our contact. We can also configure the chat room to display the images of our contacts, in such a way that every time anyone types something on the chat, we will see their picture next to the message sent.

It is possible that the first time we install this program, a message appears indicating that it has not been able to verify the software. In this case, we must uninstall WhatsApp+, install WhatsApp, verify it, uninstall WhatsApp and install again WhatsApp+. In this way, we can start to use the program without the initial error message.

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