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West Game is an online 2D crime and strategy game. The game takes place in 1865, after the end of the American civil war. While criminal gangs rule the west, there is no law. You assume the role of the sheriff in a town under constant threat from bandits. To defend your town against bandit invasions, you must create an army.

After a brief tutorial, you will be assigned to train horsemen in barracks to resist enemy attacks. Researches and the development of new technologies can also be done in military buildings.

West Game has a town-building component. You'll need to place different production houses, industries and defend the town. You will need to gather resources from the surrounding area in order to place buildings. To avoid being taken over by outlaws, your town must be able to support itself with enough troops, structures, researches, and other resources.

The controls for the West Game work in a similar way to any other strategy game. To perform an action, you simply need to tap and select the appropriate button. West Game offers a multiplayer community that allows you to play in PvP battles and forge alliances alongside players around the globe. West Game's vibrant graphics and animated gameplay are what make it stand out from other strategy games.


  • Protect yourself against criminal invading groups
  • Place production houses, build your town, and gather resources
  • Establish barracks, train horsemen, and build an army
  • Take on the outlaws in intense battles
  • For your protection, create alliances
  • PvP duels: Face human marksmen
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    How to PLAY West Game on PC

    Download West Game on PC How to enjoy West Game on PC, and how it operates? This is really the question posed by many users who just want to play...