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Weather Watcher is an useful computers meteorological utility to observe the climatic conditions from real cities time maps worldwide.

Now it is possible to consult weather’s state of any place in the world with great details and truthfulness, from the computer’s desk.

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Besides giving the correct climatology, Weather Watcher gathers aspects in tools shape easy to use thanks to its simple interface that will show in real time the humidity, temperature, visibility, exact long and wide coordinated, worldwide the globe.

This program is the ideal utility for those people who want to plan a trip and don't feel like improvising which weather will be in the destination place. All you have to do is to observe the second plan screen located in computer’s desktop and be attentive to the climatic conditions that will even be observed during the five following days.

Weather Watcher has several special possibilities: It is possible to receive sound alerts when the temperature of the place that is being analyzed changes and to select each period of time is wanted to receive the information required.

We can take this excellent application everywhere thanks to meteorological mobile station facilities that include all peculiar functions of Weather Watcher.

by Augusto Baldi

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