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Wazzal is a freeware spaceship videogame with an intergalactic plot as the backdrop.

In Wazzal, the player becomes an intergalactic pilot who commands a spaceship. The game begins when you capture one of the ships, which makes you the captain of said ship.

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Therefore, the first objective of the game is to capture a ship to become an interplanetary pirate, so you can command your own ships in the solar system.

As you proceed through the game, you’ll have to carry out various missions in the universe. The difficulty of the missions will increase as you move on to the next levels or scenes.

The story that takes place in Wazzal begins in the year 2314. First and foremost, you’ll be hired as a crewman to transport goods from one planet to another. You have to earn money this way because, later on, it will become vital for survival. Years earlier, mankind spread among all the planets and formed the Federation.

Even though there were moments of peace, these were disrupted by the arrival of aliens in the galaxy. These peaceful aliens claim to have reached the solar system in order to save everybody from an imminent explosion of the sun.

This piece of news triggered a fierce struggle for survival in each and every planet and star that makes the power of the Federation teeter. You’ll also have to take of advantage of this chaos to make more money because it will make you stronger, and it will make you keep your ships equipped with firearms so you can reach salvation.

Wazzal offers a fun graphical environment, characterized by its mini intergalactic battles and it allows you to alternate the control of the ships during the game if playing as part of a team.

by Augusto Baldi

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