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      Warpath is a strategy-based game that takes place during the Second World War. We will be in charge of a base of operations and have to change the war's course. We can improve and build buildings, conduct technological research, and even recruit troops and generals from the base. The battlefield is where most of the action takes place. We can direct our troops to move to any spot on the map or attack enemy structures.

      There are two game modes. The campaign mode is the most popular, while the PvP game mode is open-world. PvP is the most exciting mode. It takes place on an open-world map against other players. We can make alliances and have an unlimited number of troops and structures. There is a limit to the number of troops and buildings we can build. Exploring the map and attacking other players are the best ways to obtain resources. There are at least 90 types of troops you can upgrade to make it easier to attack enemy structures.

      You will be fighting in Russia and must complete many stages to achieve different goals. Campaign mode will allow you only to use troops you have created in PvP mode.

      This is a fun game that allows you to play against other players in real-time.

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          How to PLAY Warpath on PC

          Download Warpath on PC How to play Warpath on PC, and the way it works? That's genuine all the concern asked by countless visitors who choose to play this video...